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LaundryLounge General Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of textiles
LaundryLounge retrieves clothing from the location agreed upon and brings them back to that same location. LaundryLounge can refuse to accept textiles if there is risk of damage.

Invoicing will be based on the prices that customers find in their personal profile on the Internet site. All prices are indicated with VAT included. There will not be any additional costs. The order is comprised of the textiles located within the box; they will be processed and invoiced.

Property rights
All transport boxes, textile bags and other auxiliary items remain LaundryLounge property and must be returned to LaundryLounge at the time of de-registration. Articles not returned will be billed to cover LaundryLounge's own costs.

Otherwise, the General Terms and Conditions spelled out by the Verband Textilpflege Schweiz (VTS, Swiss Association of Textile Care Companies) will apply accordingly.

General Terms and Conditions
(Pursuant to Verband Textilpflege Schweiz (VTS, Swiss Association of Textile Care Companies))

We shall perform professional, diligent textile care in a manner that preserves the material and protects the environment.

The industry's standard methods and customs are laid out in the term definitions published by the Verband Textilpflege Schweiz.

The textile launderer can charge additional fees on top of the prices laid out in the price list for special items submitted for laundering (special articles, items associated with particular risk, expensive clothes, clothes that are associated with a particularly laborious process due to materials, etc.).

The textile care provider's liability is subject to the article's stability during treatment in accordance with the process recommended on the textile care label. If no textile care label is available, then the textile care provider will perform its services based on its expertise and the intended use of the good being cleaned; liability is expressly disclaimed in the event there is no textile care label.

Despite taking an expert look at the article in advance, we can assume no liability for damages due to unrecognisable properties or concealed defects, such as insufficient stability in material or seams, preservation of dyes and prints, influences on buttons, buckles, zippers, armpit pads, applications, ornaments, ribbons, etc., or due to a lack of textile care label. Liability is disclaimed for dimension changes in materials occurring within the standard tolerance range.

The necessity for special handling must be obvious; particularly due to ascertainable sensitive properties or due to soiling that necessitates special handling. The care symbols and/or care instructions on the textile care label are what guide textile care providers.

The textile care provider can make accepting an order conditional (known as a proviso).

An order for textile care is an order as laid out in OR 394 ff. (Swiss Code of Obligations). There is no guarantee of success.

We work hard to meet the delivery dates agreed upon. Delays, however, do not constitute a customer right to damage compensation.

The laundry item will only be released in exchange for payment and for return of the order confirmation.

The laundry item must be picked up within six months of placing the order. If not picked up within this period of time, the textile care provider can assume ownership of the item(s) without providing reimbursement. For articles of higher value, the textile care provider will warn the customer in advance provided the name and address of the customer are known. The textile care provider has no obligation of any kind to research that information in this regard.

If the cleaning order is not executable, then the item being cleaned is returned in the corresponding state.

Complaints must be submitted along with the receipt immediately after obtaining the laundry item, and no later than within three workdays.

The textile care provider will check complaints carefully, reply to complaints or provide grounds for explaining complaints to determine further proceedings mutually with the customer to the extent possible (professional secondary treatment, handover to the equal damage compensation office for expert review and arbitration, etc.).

It is not possible to insure against damage in Switzerland's textile care sector. In the event of damage to the laundry item or of loss and the textile care provider is culpable, damage compensation will only be provided in accordance with the fair value table for the depreciation of textile care articles. Replacement via an object of equal value is excluded.

If no agreement is reached, then it is suggested that the parties pass the damage case on to the equal damage compensation office of the Verband Textilpfege Schweiz (VtS) and the Verband der Textilhändler (Swiss Association of Textile Dealers) and the Swiss Fashion Stores (SFS) for expert assessment and arbitration.

The legal venue for all disputes from the textile care order will be that of the textile care provider’s headquarters.