The laundry system
with pick-up and delivery service
at your place of work

Questions are never indiscreet – answers sometimes are

What is LaundryLounge?

LaundryLounge provides access to first-class services, including pick-up and delivery direct at your place of work. Upon placing your order, you will simultaneously obtain the pick-up and drop-off times for your freshly cleaned clothing.

How does LaundryLounge work?

At select companies, employees can drop off their clothing for laundering and then pick it up a few days later, freshly washed and pressed.

What can be laundered?

Outer clothing for women and men.

What will LaundryLounge not clean?

Underwear, leather, rain clothing, wedding clothing.

How can I drop off the clothes?

When you register, LaundryLounge will provide you with two clothing boxes or sacks (as selected). You use one of them to deliver your dirty clothing to LaundryLounge. The box/carrying bag will be returned to you with the freshly washed clothing. In the meantime, you can use the second box/carrying bag to collect the textiles you want to have cleaned next time.

When does the clothing need to be at the drop-off location?

The clothes need to be at your company's LaundryLounge drop-off point at 9:00am. This is the only way we can ensure your textiles will be brought back on time. Clothing arriving at the drop-off point too late will automatically leave with the next pick-up.

What about holidays?

Should a pick-up day coincide with a holiday, then it will simply be skipped if the company has two delivery days per week. If a company has only one pick-up/delivery per week, then your clothing will be retrieved on the following workday.

When can I pick-up my clothing again?

You'll find the delivery date printed on the order confirmation. Your clothing will be ready on this date by no later than noon. If that day coincides with a holiday, then the following day will apply automatically.

What happens with clothes that cannot be laundered with LaundryLounge, yet are included in the box?

Textiles that we cannot clean due to the risk of damage being too great or when cleaning is not possible for technical grounds will be returned with the next batch free of charge.

What happens when I send in defective textiles?

Defective textiles will not be processed and will be returned to you with a note and signature form. You will then have the option of having cleaning performed at your own risk. Tip: If you've already noticed that clothing is defective, then you can still have it cleaned directly by simply providing a signed confirmation that it should be cleaned at your own risk.

How can I order the service?

The service can be ordered by logging onto the LaundryLounge website personally.

What should I do when I don't know whether a piece of clothing should be washed or dry cleaned?

Simply place the clothing into your box/sack, and LaundryLounge will find the best way to clean it for you!

How can I be certain I will receive my own clothes back?

LaundryLounge marks every piece of clothing in a non-visible location. Thus, it won't be possible for them to get mixed up.

Clothing without an order or labelling is not taken in the interest of avoiding confusion.

Can I also turn in my partner's clothing if he/she works at a company without LaundryLounge?

It does not matter who owns the clothing. LaundryLounge cleans whatever is in the box/sack.

What do I need to do if I want my shirts on a hanger and not folded?

You have the option of selecting between hanging and folding for shirts and blouses. You can select from order to order how you want your clothing processed.

Can I stop a LaundryLounge order?

You can stop an order as long as it is waiting for pick-up at your company. After pick-up, it is not possible to cancel an order.

What happens when I incorrectly fill out my order on the LaundryLounge website? e.g.: Incorrect quantity, incorrect product description

LaundryLounge cleans the clothing that is in the box/sack; these are the quantities that are used for invoicing. Incorrect product descriptions will also be corrected.

How do I pay with LaundryLounge?

The invoice is paid via your credit card, or monthly billing.

What can I do if I am not satisfied with the service?

Should your textiles not be cleaned to your satisfaction, then please contact our customer service on the number +41 (0)44 816 91 91

What happens when I leave the company?

If you leave the company in which you were able to use LaundryLounge and transfer to a company without LaundryLounge, then you'll need to return both boxes/sacks. We'll have to charge CHF 50 for each unreturned item to cover our own costs.

What do I need to do if my new company does not yet offer LaundryLounge?

Contact our customer service on the number +41 (0)44 816 91 91; we will endeavour to offer our services to your new employer as well.

What should I do when I'm on holiday?

In general, you won't need to do anything. Your clothes will be waiting for you at your place of work upon your return, freshly cleaned and packed. However, you'll have the option of setting a delivery date upon placing the order. That means your clothes will be stored with LaundryLounge while you're away.

What does LaundryLounge cost?

You'll find the prices per article of clothing in your own account. Look under "Products". There are no additional costs for delivery or packaging. All prices are indicated with VAT included.

What do I need to do when I no longer wish to use LaundryLounge.

You can stop using LaundryLounge's service at any time. Simply return your two boxes or sacks.

Can I also use LaundryLounge irregularly?

You can use LaundryLounge as often or as little as you like. The service will remain the same, regardless of whether you have a suit cleaned four times a year, or have a shirt washed every day.

Is data privacy guaranteed?

Your data will be safe with us and will only be used for allocating textiles and invoicing. If you log on from a computer that other people also use, then don't forget to log off after placing your order.

What can I do for the environment?

Have your clothes cleaned with LaundryLounge! We use less energy, water and detergent per kilo than any private household.

What should I do with the hangers?

Simply place the suit bag, packing material and/or hangers along with your wash in the box or sack. We will reuse them.

Are my clothes insured?

It is not possible to insure against the risk of damage. Cleaning is performed at your own risk. (See the GTC) Our experienced personnel will handle your textiles with utmost care.